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“Online dating can be a very dangerous endeavor. Most online services do not screen their applicants.
Run our SAFE DATE CHECK and learn the true background history of your new friend.”

“Many times you may have met the person at a bar or through some form of dating service on or offline.
The man or woman that you are with may well have an alias, criminal records, a bad credit history, or even be married.
Observe what can happen when suspicions go unchecked.”
Check out your Date… Know the Truth!

What is the “DATE RAPE” DRUG? SAFE-DATE REPORT Be Safe – Not Sorry!

Rohypnol has been called the Date Rape Drug because when mixed with an alcoholic drink, this drug can make people slip unconscious, and reduce their resistance and have no memory of the events. Females all over the country have claimed of being raped after unknowingly taking Rohypnol, which had been slipped into their glass leaving them unsteady, disoriented and subject to attack. Having no taste or odor, victims do not recognize what is happening. You need to know whom you are dealing with to protect yourself from this very real threat.

Bottom line… Knowledge Is Power, know your date is who they claim to be… Check Out Your Date!!

We have numerous reports available. Listed below you will find the most popular searches useful in ascertaining a better picture regarding your date. If you have special needs, please call or e-mail customer support.


($60) with Social Security number, $75 without their SSN

Or our $95 Extensive Profile Search is recommended as it is a nationwide deeper search reaching more databases and includes a FREE find people locate search if required along with an online database check for criminal records.

This report on your date often includes: subject’s name, alias names, most current address, previous address, telephone number, and date of birth. The data is linked to possible relatives which enables the you to cross reference the findings with known data about your subject. In addition we will provide a public record background profile regarding your date or mate. Find out about real property ownership, bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, UCC filings, aircraft, water craft, stock ownership information, and other important details. Turn around time is about 48 hours allowing for e-mail delays not counting weekends or holidays.

Or purchase our special combined Background Check with a Criminal Record Search that includes an ON SITE County Courthouse search as required where a researcher visits the courthouse to look up records not available to online research. SAFE-DATE Background History Profile With Criminal Search ($150)

The Criminal Record Search provides a report of criminal history on your subject that includes criminal findings if any, covers the location where he/she resides or is based upon prior residencial location results found in the National Background Check profile search report, also included for an indepth package.

Be Safe – Not Sorry!

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