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Our Criminal Record Search Includes a Free Personal History Background Check profile report with an ID Lookup Verify. This gives you a true

full picture on the subject of your search. This National Background Check Now Includes an Online check for available Criminal Records for only $95

Discover hidden prior criminal records. Order our Online Criminal Background Check search that often includes both felony and misdemeanor findings.
Online search results are typically returned within 48 hours via Email.

Don’t be fooled into purchasing the cheap automated search engine reports that you self run. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Their incomplete data results only serve to provide you with a false sense of security. We don’t know how to do your job and you don’t know how to do ours.

Our reports are personalized, hands on, run by Professionals who conduct the criminal background checks searching court records to locate possible convictions or findings along with a personal background check history profile report that is included with your results and not available through free or automated website research. Professional database access is required. The criminal search portion of the results usually includes type of record, if any, the courts jurisdiction and location, applicable charges such as drug dealing, theft, rape or murder, case number and final disposition.

Our services are both discrete and confidential. Your subject will not know of your inquiry.

Requirements to run the search: * Full name with middle initial * accurate date of birth * social security number

Do you know the full accurate date of birth & SSN for the subject of your search? All the records you are looking for are linked to these key identifiers. If you do not have them or they are incorrect, we can look them up and verify the true DOB and SSN and will do so with our $95 Extensive Profile Search. Something the cheap self searches will not do. We verify the true SSN and DOB For Accurate Results


Our deeper search for Criminal Records also includes a Free ID Background Verify search, a $60 Value, for the key identifying details required to accurately ID your subject and their records from all others similarly named PLUS an OnSite County Courthouse search when required depending upon the prior residential results reported. It also includes our $95 Nationwide Extensive Background Check profile report on your subject for the Total Fee of $150

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A key critical part of our service is to provide you with a background check history profile report on your subject. It reveals their prior residential address history along with business and real estate asset interests together with other financial and relationship details.

With this information in hand it is then possible to make an intelligent decision as to the physical location or locations to search beyond the available locations within our nationwide search, based upon how long and where they resided. Without the guidance of this report, the chances for an accurate result are slim to none.

Regardless of what others may imply, there is no all inclusive database to search and find criminal records other than the NCIC operated by the FBI, which is only made available to law enforcement for ongoing criminal investigations. So we must search online by state or county or on site when required.

Most search results are returned by e-mail within 48 hours. On site county courthouse searches when required can take a little longer.

Don’t be fooled by cheap bait and switch offers. Remember when comparing services, you usually get what you pay for.

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Why Run Criminal Background Checks?

Washington DC:

According to the U.S. Government:

One out of 32 Adult Men and Women are Incarcerated on Parole or on Probation in the USA,

for a total of 6.9 million or 3.1% of our population.

The majority of these offenders live in our communities.

Don’t take chances with the physical or economic safety of your family and or business.


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